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The gentle but effective power of crystals to bring about healing, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, has been known for millennia by many cultures around the world. The first historical mention of the power of crystals dates back to the time of the Sumerian civilisation, over four thousand years ago.

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It is a healing tradition which is still alive today, and there are hundreds of precious and semi-precious stones used for crystal healing, all of which have specific healing and energising properties.

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Crystals can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine to enhance modern treatments, or on their own to keep healthy body systems functioning optimally and prevent disease. They can even be used to positively influence emotions and attitudes, thereby bringing about desired changes in one’s life, from improving self-esteem to attracting more love into one’s life.

The concept of crystal healing is based on the premise that health and wellbeing depend on the unobstructed flow of vital energy through the body. When this free flow is inhibited, it creates blockages which can lead to illness and imbalance.

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All matter vibrates at specific frequencies, and objects with similar frequencies can influence each other. It is this principle that guides the use of crystals to influence different parts of the body and aspects of wellbeing. Each area of the body is associated with a particular quality of energy ( See ‘ A Bit About Chakras’), which is represented by a specific colour and, in general, crystals for healing are chosen because they correspond to the colour and natural energy frequency of the body part that is afflicted. When the appropriate crystals are used on the correct region of the body, energy from the crystal is transferred to that area, restoring its natural and optimal energy frequency.

Crystals and the Zodiac

In a number of traditions, certain crystals are associated with certain signs of the zodiac, or hold particular power for people born at specific times of year. This is because it is believed that different crystals have energy peaks at different times of year, so an individual’s birthstones will be those that are particularly potent around the person’s date of birth. These stones are a good choice when one is looking for crystals that will boost general wellbeing, in accordance with one’s own particular make-up.

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Chakras are the energy centres of the body and act as repositories for our life force. There are seven main chakras and they are situated at various points along the midline of the body. Each chakra governs the health of the region of the body in which it is situated, as well as certain aspects of the personality, emotions and abilities. In order for human beings to be physically healthy and emotionally and spiritually sound, the chakras need to function properly and be in balance with each other. When a given chakra has too little energy, aspects of the individual governed by that chakra will be lacking, and the balance can be further disturbed when another chakra becomes overactive to compensate for this.

The chakras are also associated with specific colours of the rainbow, since each one vibrates with a similar frequency to its particular colour. Therefore, a crystal that is the same colour as any given chakra can aid in energising that energy centre.

Root or Base Chakra

- This chakra is situated at the base of the spine.
- Its energy is red and governs physical presence and the feeling of being entitled to life.
- Energising stones include garnet, smoky quartz and onyx.

Sacral Chakra

- The sacral chakra is at the level of the sacrum, between the pubic bone and the navel.
- It is orange and allows freedom of feeling and sexuality.
- Carnelian and orange calcite can be used to restore balance to this chakra.

Navel or Solar Plexus Chakra

- Situated between the navel and the tip of the breastbone.
- Its energy is yellow and it gives us self-esteem and the ability to assert ourselves.
- Citrine, amber and topaz are some of the crystals that can benefit this chakra.

Heart Chakra

- Situated near the bottom of the breastbone.
- The heart chakra is green and, not surprisingly, it is responsible for our ability to love freely.
- Both green and pink stones, such as jade, malachite and rose quartz, can enhance the energy of the heart

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Throat Chakra

- As the name suggests, this one is at the level of the throat.
- It governs self-expression, especially verbal, and is blue in colour.
- Crystals that are particularly good for this chakra include turquoise, aquamarine and sodalite.

Third Eye or Brow Chakra

- This chakra is found between the eyebrows.
- It is indigo, and is associated with intellectual ability and imagination.
- Lapis lazuli and angelite are used to boost the third eye chakra.

Crown Chakra

- The crown chakra is at the crown of the head.
- Associated colours are violet and pure white, and this chakra is the seat of our spirituality and wisdom.
- Stones that strengthen this chakra include amethyst and clear quartz.


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There are a number of ways in which one can apply crystals in order to benefit from their unique vibrations. The choice of technique is largely personal, but also depends on the desired result.

- Place the chosen crystal on the part of the body that requires the energy frequency of that particular
crystal. This direct contact between the stone and the affected body part will allow the most rapid
exchange of energy.

- Wear crystals on the body as jewellery, or carry them with you in a pocket or handbag. This allows the
stones to exert their healing influence over a prolonged period.

- Keep large, unpolished stones in areas of the home or workplace where you spend a lot of time, and they
will cleanse and energise the atmosphere. This is especially important in areas where there is a lot of
potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation, for example from computers and other electronic
equipment, which can be detrimental to your health.

- Use crystals under your pillow while you sleep. This includes, but is not limited to, specific crystals
that are known to enhance sleep.

- Place crystals in or around your bath while you bathe, to enhance the cleansing and relaxing effects of that
other powerful healing element, Water.

- A wand shaped crystal may be waved in a circular motion around areas of the body requiring healing, and
this is believed to have especially potent benefits.

- Appropriately selected stones may be places around the body in specific patterns to create what is known
as an energy grid, with the body at its centre. The crystals, arranged in either four or six points, channel
energy and hold this energy within the grid. These grids can also be set up around objects that you
use regularly, such as clothing, shoes, even your car, to charge these items with positive energy. Food
and beverages can also be cleansed and positively charged by placing them inside crystal grids. When
you eat the charged foods or use the charged objects, the energy with which they have been charged
are transferred to the body.

- Crystals and crystal grids can be used in similar ways for the benefit of any living being, and can boost
the vitality and wellbeing of your pets and plants too!


Just as crystals can channel and impart positive and healing energy, so can they harbour negative energies to which they have been exposed. Fortunately, it is possible to cleanse them so that they become pure again. This should always be done before using a new crystal, and from time to time with crystals that have been in use for a while.

There are several ways in which this can be done, using natural elements or by invocation through prayer.

- The quickest and easiest way to cleanse a crystal is through repetition of a prayer inviting light to enter
the stone.

- Alternatively, the crystal may be placed in a glass bowl, which is then placed in a larger bowl filled with
natural salt. Although there is no direct contact between salt and crystal, cleansing will still occur, taking
from ten minutes or so to several hours. Some types of crystal may be placed directly in the salt, but this
can damage others.

- Another simple method is to immerse the crystal in pure water, to which a few drops of Rescue remedy
have been added. The crystal is left in this solution for 24 hours.


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